Telling your life story on Facebook

Social media is not a new thing for my generation. We have been entering chat rooms, sending text messages and putting our personal information on websites since the beginning. As of this month Facebook has around 845 million users since its start in Feb 2004.

I have had a facebook account since 2006 when I was a sophomore in high school. For the last six years I have been: posting pictures, updating my status, liking or fanning my subjects of interest and checking in so that “friends “can know just who I am with and what we are doing at any given moment. Facebook tracks: my relationships, my friends and I’s birthdays and even events that I have been invited too. Facebook has become my electronic version of an autobiography with my friends ready to comment, like or share their thoughts on my life at the first sign of a notification.

On Feb 9 facebook is moving to a timeline format. No more profiles for us. According to the movie The Social Network facebook was for students to keep track of our personal: who, what, when, where and whys of our day to day activates. Timeline is a way for facebook users to show and to tell their life events in chronological order.

I personally love the new timeline. I went in search of this new layout to learn more about it. In the help center on facebook it explains that: “timeline is your collection of the photos, stories and experiences that tell your story.” Those friends that you had as a child but have lost touch with, timeline allows you to “jump to the past.” The timeline feature on the far right side of the screen allows you to easily move from year to year so that you can catch up on your facebook friends whether it has been 10 days or 10 years since you last talked to them.

The internet has revolutionized how we communicate. What are your thoughts on the new Facebook timeline? What are your favorite social media sites to use and why? Do you think agriculturalist will like the features of timeline to show how their farms have grown and changed over the years?


4 thoughts on “Telling your life story on Facebook

  1. Kelsie, reading your post made me think of something that I heard a speaker say during the Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference… “The younger generation was born into technology, the rest of us immigrated.” Of course everyone laughed, but it is true, we do not know any different!

    1. That is a good thought. And I know with this class even the new sites and ways to communicate we are learning have made me feel frustrated so I think I am starting to understand why a previous generation would NOT want move into this era. Sometimes there is a learning curve and I see why they wouldn’t want to “migrate” to a new way of communication.

  2. I agree with you Kelsie I like the facebook timeline too. The other day I had some free time and I went back to my sophomore year of high school to see what I was positing about and remembered somethings that I have completely forgot about. It makes me laugh to see how much I’ve changed and grown as a person.

    I think that agriculturalist will use the facebook timeline to show how the farms have changed. Farmers will be able to look back at different years and be able to tell what they were doing at certain times. The timeline feature reminds me of an online scrapbook that has more than just pictures!

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