Case New Holland, Wisconsin and Me

On May 18, 2012 at 1:30pm I will graduate with my Bachelor of Science Degree in General Agriculture Communications with an emphasis in Communications. A day later I will be loading up Dad’s truck with the remains of my apartment and loading my car with my belonging for the summer and Jeremiah to head to Racine, Wisconsin. For three glorious months I will be interning with Case New Holland (CNH). I will work in their corporate office as an online marketing support intern. Simply put, I will be helping the CNH marketing team by updating their blogs, websites, brochures, flyers, digital photo files and staying in constant communication with the local CNH dealers so that the know how to keep their marketing material up to date.

You might be wondering how I got this position. Well it all started in October. My friend, Cassie, and I were working the recruitment booth at the National FFA Convention Career Show. We decided to go on a short break and walk around to ask about internships. At the time I was not sure if I was going to be graduating a year early, picking up a minor, studying abroad or starting graduate school. As Cassie and I worked our way around the huge room filled wall to wall with potential agricultural employers we came across the Case booth.

The representatvies at Case took time to flatter our request of asking about internships. They asked what we were looking for and some of our experiances, right there! To the recruiters of CNH. We each got seperate names and cards for the people or departmetns that best fit us.

We returned to Missouri from convention cards and FFA t-shirts in hand and emails that needed to be written. Cassie and I both applied for our separate positions and both ended up getting the offers we wanted. Cassie will be going to Pennsylvania and I will be going off to Wisconsin. Case will provide house and I slowly have been getting employment information in the mail.

It is amazing how little steps like talking to someone at a convention can make sure a difference. God has a crazy plan and I cannot wait to have this summer adventure away from Missouri and to experience what it is like to live away, away from home. If you have any advise or words or wisdom it is all welcomed with open arms! 🙂


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