The Southern “Foodie”

I found myself pondering blogging topics, like I do every week, and coming up unsuccessful. I came across a video from a fellow PR in AG classmate (via Google+ of course) and I started watching it. After getting sucked in by yet another video I realized I was going on yet another rant. I have been doing this lately and I decided to blog about it and see what others had to say.

This video is just over 18 minutes long. With all of these youtube videos I have been watching lately they seem to be all about food. Most of them are: agriculture needs to change, You’re killing our kids, I hate the USDA and so on and so forth. This speaker said she saw the business aspect of agriculture and the technological changes that have been going on the last decade. This caught my eye right off. Though she does not have an agriuclutre background and her general message is still the same I still have these burning questions.

Has the increase in processed foods caused an increase in health problems? What do people in the agriculture industry have to say when speakers like this insinuate that processed products and new seeds and genetics cause health related issues?  When I talk to my peers in the industry or in school with me we tend to blame the health issues on over eating, eating the wrong portion sizes and lack of education. Our society needs to be more active and eat better. This will change our problems. Back in the day food was not as easy to come by and we start to blame McDonalds and other large food chains.

I do not personally think it is agriculture’s fault. Everything from subsidies, technology on the farm and the numerous bi- products that food can be made into or have uses for all make our food cheap. Does that mean it is okay? Is it the cause for health issues? And even if we watch our portions and use moderation it seems as if all of our food that we eat from corn syrup to soy meat filler is processed. I could spend hours just in the damn bread isle looking at the ingredients list. If people blame ag do we just tell them you have to know what your eating, where it comes from and what it contains?

I feel like I know what is bad and good when it comes to food knowledge, but all these “foodies” blame agriculture, the food industry or the government. Don’t you and shouldn’t have to be proactive and know what your putting in your mouth? How is it agriculture’s job to teach you how to shop!? Because other industries do not have this problem. For example, if I go to a store and buy a dress, wear it to school then get made fun of because it is ugly, doesn’t fit right, is not in style and makes me look fat this could cause years of therapy and depression. Do I blame the designer, the store or the fashion industry for not knowing how to dress my body?  NO!  So is it agriculture’s responsibility to grow, produce and make everyone nutritionally aware? Was it not your own mothers job to teach you chocolate milk does not come from a chocolate cow and if you drink only chocolate milk 3 times a day you will probably start to gain weight?

I would love to know others thoughts on this. I love to hear all sides of each story. But I am at a loss as to why farmers are to blame for trying to feed our hungry ass?


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