Jeremiah the Great

I went to write about Spring Break 2012. Then I realized it all had to do with Jeremiah, my boyfriend. I thought I would help put the story together a bit by giving you some background about us.

Jeremiah and I during my last visit in Seattle, Washington.

Jeremiah Smith, age 26, graduated high school in 2004 from Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Missouri. After high school he enlisted into the Air force. Next he moved to Colorado for a short time thinking he would start college after being in the Air force and living in Arizona for the last four years. Living the college life was not in God’s plan for Jeremiah. He got the opportunity to have a job deploying for a government contracted job. Most who make it out of the armed forced without deploying consider themselves lucky. Go on about their daily lives and that is that. Jeremiah got out without deploying and then takes a job where he chooses to leave the country for anywhere from four to eight months at a time.
Now to the more present how did we cross paths? Both Springfield area natives, but he is older and just cames back to visit friends and family. Remember Kickapoo? Remember my mention of my Aunt in one of my original posts? Well she used to teach at Kickapoo. Jeremiah was my Aunt Keri’s student worker while in high school. Keri was Jeremiah’s assistant speech and debate coach. They both stayed in contact over the years. Jeremiah has grown to become friends with not only Keri but also her husband, my uncle, Aaron.
Mid- September 2011, Aaron had an exciting 40th birthday to celebrate. Jeremiah was still on leave from work since he came back from a deployment in mid-July. The night of Aaron’s celebration Jeremiah had just gotten back from a trip from Colorado he took with his dad. Low and behold, Jeremiah is in town to celebrate and so is the niece! How we never crossed paths before this time I do not know. But this is the night it all started.

The first night we met.

I will save the sappy details and “whirl wind” romance for another time. We started dating soon after and I have now been to the Pacific Northwest area three times since December.


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