Just Another Sunday Afternoon: Letter One

I read a beautiful blog the other day about this couple who writes love letters. I know it is bad practice, but I will post a link later. If you would like to find it now go to my Pinterest board called “My Forever After”. Below is my first of many to J.

The moment I realized the next time I will see you it will be in October and we will be able to: go for a walk in the crisp morning air; drink hot tea with honey and vanilla lattes (or black coffee with a chocolate chip cookie) till our hearts are content; go for a drive up the mountain with the windows down and the heat on our feet; be able to stay up all hours of the morning watching terrible television you like on Netflix; go for a run together to prepare for the Turkey Trot; and maybe even drink a hoppy, malted adult beverage while listening to some local music in a dim lit bar while we hold hands underneath the table. Waiting for the day airports, layovers, and flying are not required to see you. All my love- K


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