Blog Identity Crisis

Blogs are great. I follow them. I start them. I learn from them.  But I do not follow through with them.

I have started many blogs.  Personal, wedding, two different couples blogs, blogs for school projects, blogs to act as websites, and even a blog for my husbands Real Estate business that was going to have me do a cameo every once in a while.  Turns out he is just as good with follow through as I am.

I never know where to post things.  On the “couples” blog, on my personal one that started as an agriculture inspired blog for a class, our “real estate” blog.  I am always torn.

I think I view blogs as a public journal.  The blogs I love most I feel like I am having a conversation with my best girlfriend.  But I am no expert.  I want to post things about questions I have. Issues that are happening.  Things I learned or am learning to do.  But I am no chef. I can barely “style” myself let alone give advice on it.  If anything I would just be plagiarizing what my mother had once said to me or what another blogger wrote, I read, and loved it so I wanted to share.  I want to craft but I am not good at it.  It would be like pinterest gone wrong.  More like The Girl Who Tries at Pinterest…. maybe that is my next blog idea. I always want to start something new.

The last few years I always come back to this blog.  It started as a school project for an agriculture communications class.  But I always stop from hitting publish on posts because the audience that followed it for the class probably do not want to follow the randomness that happens when I am not following an assignment sheet.

I decided I do not care.  I am going to attempt for the 100th time to post without fear and to post for myself.

We will see how this goes.



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