Blog Identity Crisis

Blogs are great. I follow them. I start them. I learn from them.  But I do not follow through with them.

I have started many blogs.  Personal, wedding, two different couples blogs, blogs for school projects, blogs to act as websites, and even a blog for my husbands Real Estate business that was going to have me do a cameo every once in a while.  Turns out he is just as good with follow through as I am.

I never know where to post things.  On the “couples” blog, on my personal one that started as an agriculture inspired blog for a class, our “real estate” blog.  I am always torn.

I think I view blogs as a public journal.  The blogs I love most I feel like I am having a conversation with my best girlfriend.  But I am no expert.  I want to post things about questions I have. Issues that are happening.  Things I learned or am learning to do.  But I am no chef. I can barely “style” myself let alone give advice on it.  If anything I would just be plagiarizing what my mother had once said to me or what another blogger wrote, I read, and loved it so I wanted to share.  I want to craft but I am not good at it.  It would be like pinterest gone wrong.  More like The Girl Who Tries at Pinterest…. maybe that is my next blog idea. I always want to start something new.

The last few years I always come back to this blog.  It started as a school project for an agriculture communications class.  But I always stop from hitting publish on posts because the audience that followed it for the class probably do not want to follow the randomness that happens when I am not following an assignment sheet.

I decided I do not care.  I am going to attempt for the 100th time to post without fear and to post for myself.

We will see how this goes.



Engagement Photo in Snowden, WA

Engagement Photo in Snowden, WA

I do not post regularly. I know that. I wish I did. If I made time to blog regularly I would tell you this: I think I wedding plan to make the time go by faster. Other then the first week to a month of being engaged I have not been this excited about getting married. The dress, cakes, engagement announcements, center pieces, and much more is bought and sent in. I get so excited for Jeremiah and I to finally be in the same place. I cannot wait. This weekend I will make more progress on our final invite list to make it all get here sooner. Stay tuned for more random posts and thoughts.

Just Another Sunday Afternoon: Letter One

I read a beautiful blog the other day about this couple who writes love letters. I know it is bad practice, but I will post a link later. If you would like to find it now go to my Pinterest board called “My Forever After”. Below is my first of many to J.

The moment I realized the next time I will see you it will be in October and we will be able to: go for a walk in the crisp morning air; drink hot tea with honey and vanilla lattes (or black coffee with a chocolate chip cookie) till our hearts are content; go for a drive up the mountain with the windows down and the heat on our feet; be able to stay up all hours of the morning watching terrible television you like on Netflix; go for a run together to prepare for the Turkey Trot; and maybe even drink a hoppy, malted adult beverage while listening to some local music in a dim lit bar while we hold hands underneath the table. Waiting for the day airports, layovers, and flying are not required to see you. All my love- K

40 lbs in 1 year

 Long story short, I want to lose 40 pounds by June 8, 2013. That is the day I will be walking down the isle (tentatively). had a post about loosing 40 pounds in a year that I liked so I summed it up and followed what it said for myself. 

I ran my first 4 consecutive miles today. It went well but I ended it with blisters. I bought thicker socks and I am ready to run again tomorrow. I will continue to post (hopefully) about the progress, food and workouts that I enjoy. Maybe I can ask J to post about his progress as well while he is over seas.



384 calories less a day- by eating and/ or working out
Staying healthy/ Taking care of the body God gave me
Being able to be active
Feeling more comfortable in my own skin
Having an active life style
Not feeling guilty when I eat sweet things
If I have children to show them it can be done
To show my family it can be done
To show myself if can be done
To show my high school sport rivals that never acted like I could do it
To not be “pleasantly plump”
Show my friends it can be done
To not feel like my weight is an excuse to not play sports
Lose 40 lbs by June 8, 2013
1 pound a week
4 lbs a month
20 lbs by the time Jeremiah is back/ By Christmas



PS: Stay tuned for the proposal post along with wedding and workouts